About our Members

Teachers, arts supervisors in secondary and collegiate music programs throughout the
state of Alabama. Membership is composed of music teachers who direct popular music ensembles, as well as teachers of piano, guitar, popular voice, and audio technologies.

AMIEA is a community that provides events and resources to facilitate the growth of popular music/music industry in your school’s music program. AMIEA offers a pathway to music education that connects with today’s aspiring musicians through popular music and music technology.

AMIEA Membership includes:

  • Access to a community of like minded individuals with a shared affinity for popular music/music industry education
  • Free registration for your band to perform at AMIEA’s annual MIC Check Event

  • Discounted registration at AMIEA Conferences and Events

  • Meetings with music industry professionals who can provide resources to grow your popular music program
  • Free resources to begin and sustain providing information your popular music industry program

Membership Levels:

  • Educator: $95.00

  • Educational Institution: $200.00

  • Corporate: $200.00

  • Professional: $95.00

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